For this assignment, my class was split into pairs to create a visual news story of an event on campus. Since it is the end of the school year, my partner Mykel and I had so many options to choose, and finally decided on the “7220 Finals Destresser.” It was a very energetic event with activities varying from life size hamster ball races to making stuffed animals.

What I enjoyed the most about this experience was getting to participate in some of the events to get a good idea of what they were like and how I should portray them. I also enjoyed finding people to interview about how they liked the event and what their favorite thing to do there was.

I had an overall positive experience at this destresser, however, the one thing I did not enjoy at all was the fact that there were long lines for just about everything. It was also a bit difficult to film certain angles due to the fact that Half Acre Gym was extremely crowded. I almost missed filming the stuffed animal activity because there was a limit on how many people were able to due to materials running short.

What surprised me the most about this project was how many things would be going on at the same time, and how I had to use a lot of space on my iphone, which eventually ran out, to capture everything. It also surprised me that finding a quiet place to interview would be so difficult.

One thing that I wished I had done differently was free more storage space on my phone before going in to film. I would have also tried to get there earlier to film the setup without people for one part of the story.

As far as using video in my future career goes, I see this as a very likely outcome. I had a lot of fun filming everything, and believe I have gained experience for the future.This isn’t my first time filming, I often do this for fun in my spare time. I would love a career where I am using video storytelling.


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