For this assignment I was supposed to pick an event happening in Laramie and then live tweet what was happening. Although it may sound easy, I faced quite a bit of challenges. I decided to live tweet my favorite sport, basketball.
The University’s men’s basketball game was going on against the Pioneers so I decided it would be the best event to talk about. The Pokes had a close game but the score came to a final of 82-70. At one point they almost lost their lead, it was an exciting game.
What I enjoyed most about this experience was seeing everything happen from a reporter’s point of view. I would look at the plays and see what would work to talk about, and what would not. I also enjoyed talking to people to get their point of views on what what was happening.
Although this experience was a positive one, there were still things I didn’t quite get as perfect as I wanted them to be, and I was a bit hesitant  on what would actually work. I did not enjoy the fact that everything was happening so fast. I would try to get pictures of the players dunking but I could never get the picture to portray what was happening in real life.
I learned that to have a successful story, a person has to go in with a set plan to get a story that would make the most sense. What surprised me was just how fast the experience went, even though the game was about two hours long. I wish that I would have moved around instead of just sitting in one spot the entire time, so I could get different angles and talk to a lot more people.
As far as social media use in my future career goes, I feel like I will use it, and thanks to this assignment, will have a better grasp on what to do in a next live tweeted event. I think social media is an excellent tool for places of business to use because it gives a more personal touch to articles and reports.

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