It is pretty obvious that the two soda brands that have been around the longest are Pepsi and Coca-Cola. These two favorites have been rivals for a very long time; they do target the same consumers after all. These days the best way a brand gets their name out the fastest and stays in the loop is through social media accounts. For this assignment, I compared these two brand’s accounts because they have such huge platforms and overall chose the best one to be Coca-Cola.

Of course every company has a Twitter, so this was the first social media platform I looked at. As I looked at the Coca-Cola twitter, I noticed that they did their best to incorporate this drink into recent events such as the world series, Halloween and of course fall in general and according to “5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans,” this is the best course of action.


Pepsi did the same thing and incorporated events with the world series being their most recent post. As for posting things about Halloween went, this company went way more in depth about this topic. I think that was a good idea because their Twitter literally had a theme instead of everything being random. Pepsi also used Twitter very well through their constant use of unique hashtags.


What Coke could have done better about with Twitter would probably not have as many generic ads on their page. They constantly talked about drinking Coke with food for over half their feed. I would also recommend that they not use as many ads that clearly look automated or set up months in advance. Last, I would say that Coke should add a more personal touch to their videos, instead of just an ad you would see on television.


I believe that Pepsi could have added a few more things to their Twitter, such as made their profile and header picture a little more diverse; it was just their logo. I would also say they should have added more diversity to their ads; they often posted about the same thing over and over. Another thing they could have done better is interact a little more with their followers.

I then looked at their Facebooks, which were still had similar content to what was on Twitter. Coca-cola was very tentative to their fans/consumers. Every time they would reply to a posted they created, Coke would answer. They also used their social media in a constructive way for damage control and contacted the person right away. Coca-Cola also offered their page in a variety of languages so they reach more consumers.

I then looked at Pepsi’s Facebook and it was also offered in a variety of languages. This company was way more responsive on this platform than the last. Pepsi also had new content on Facebook that was not on their Twitter which showed that include variety in their postings.

What Coke could have done better with their Facebook page is come up with more diverse posts; everything I saw was mostly on their Twitter page. They could have also added a call to action, I did not see any and the article “Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement” said it was very important because it increases interaction. Coke could have also tried to use Facebook Live.

Pepsi could have again, tried to make their profile and cover photo more diverse. They also did not use Facebook Live. Another thing they could work on is that use more instant articles, just as the website stated above said.

Moving on to their Instagram pages, Coke and Pepsi and they were almost identical. They both took advantage of the option to post videos and had numerous ads and closeups of their product. They both posted often and had numerous followers. Coke had 1.6 million while Pepsi only had 759K followers.


Both of these Instagrams could have answered their comments more. I didn’t see any interaction there at all. Again, I did not see any new content on either pages that I hadn’t seen before. They should have also tried to follow more people, they weren’t even at a thousand.

I then looked at three other platforms, which were Snapchat, Linkedin and Pinterest. Pepsi had a PepsiCo presence for all of these, but they were not relevant to the actual drink Pepsi, so it would be a waste of time to critique those. I believe they should have actual platforms to compete with Coca-Cola, but they chose not to for some reason.

Coca-Cola’s Snapchat, Linkedin and Pinterest were all the same as their other main accounts, so it feels redundant to again critique them critically. They did collaborate with celebrities often on these platforms. I would give them the same advice as I did for their Facebook and Twitter profile.

From this assignment, I learned what makes and breaks a social media profile and really believe I can use the advice I read in my own profiles. A perspective I hadn’t thought of before is that having current and unique content is the most important part of the entire experience.

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