Last blog, I recorded a raw audio of my partner Mykel Owens discussing her time at UW, this time I will be editing it down to only two whole minutes. For this specific project I used the software called “Audacity” and it definitely had a steep learning curve. Thanks to this challenge, I feel like I can confidently say I have mastered another program.

At first, this experience was very tough. Audacity is not very self explanatory and many of the very important buttons are a bit hidden. It took be about three days to do this, averaging to about three hours in total. It was difficult to decide what audio stayed and what was deleted because I saw everything as important.

I do have to say that my favorite part about editing is watching the product come together. It is very satisfying to delete sections and start to see the length of audio go down. It is also a good skill that I believe all people should learn. What I did not like about using Audacity is that I often lost my spot and had to take five minutes to find it again. It was again, very hard to figure what button did what, and where I had to go do a small thing such as turn the audio up.

What surprised me the most about using Audacity is that it was so intricate. I had no idea so much when into sound editing. I respect audio reporter who edit there own work so much more now. It is definitely time consuming work.

If I could have one anything different, I probably would have seen if it was possible to take out anymore of the background noise. I also wish that my transitions between topics were a little smoother, and added a little more time between sentences. I wasn’t trying to make the story rushed, but I wanted to keep as much as possible in only two minute

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