For this weeks assignment, my class focused on the joys of strictly audio interviewing. We then interviewed someone in our class about whatever topic we chose. I interviewed my classmate and friend, Mykel Owens. Since she is a senior this  year, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss her overall college career.

My overall experience of interviewing someone with just a recorder was interesting. I kept thinking to myself that this is the actual interview, and I don’t need to take notes like I usually do. It was also a bit difficult to come up with questions that easy flowed together as if it was a story.

I myself was then interviewed by Mykel. Before I was recorded, I tried to think of what I was going to say and when, and also how I would transition on to the next question. It is always weird when someone hears their own voice on audio, but I think it turned out pretty well for a first time experience.

The one part of this process that I enjoyed the most was the end result.I never really hear the interviews I conduct or talk in because it is usually pen and paper based. It is almost more accomplishing to have a “hard copy” of the interview. Now, I can always go back and listen to it if I feel inclined to.

On the other hand, what I enjoyed the least was trying to find an appropriate area to conduct the interview and then trying to get to an exact time mark. I kept looking at the time while I spoke because I thought I wouldn’t have enough to say. It also took my interview partner and I about 30 minutes to try and find a spot that was quiet and out of the way of people.

If I were to do anything different for the interviews, it would probably include better time management. I had two topics to potentially talk about and I should have worked on them more before the actual interview. I also wish that as I spoke I would have transitioned a little smoother and not have said “um” as much.



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