Last week here in Laramie was homecoming, a time when all the students show their school pride and we play teams on our own campus. I decided to capture this pride at the football game. The hardest part about taking these pictures was the bright sun and the mass amount of people.

If I were to change anything during this shoot, I would maybe try to move around in the stand a little more to catch different angles.

For this first photo I wanted to capture the crowd in front of me as I attended yet another homecoming event. I moved several times but stayed the longest behind this couple. They seemed so excited about the weekend’s events, so I tried to keep this as the theme of the photo. I did not ask for their names because then the shot would seemed staged. I used the creative device color to get this picture; the gold just pops everywhere.

A couple attends one of the many homecoming events

This second photo is also at the game as the Pokes run back onto the field. This was after a time out in the third quarter and the coaches had started to get nervous. At this moment the Falcons were actually catching up very quickly to our score. The crowd was not as loud at this moment because of the suspense and tension. I used the rule of thirds in this photo.

The Pokes run back on the field as their time out is over in the third quarter.

The next photo is of Western Thunder Marching Band as they play during half-time. I wanted to get a close up on the band members as they formed the giant UW symbol. They played numerous songs throughout the game, but really shined during half time. The crowd loved the songs, and even sang along when they could. I used leading lines as a guide for how I wanted this photo to come out.

Western Thunder Marching band plays during half-time

This next photo is of ROTC participating in a flag ceremony during half-time. They maneuvered the flag in a very unique way that many have not seen before. The crowd loved the intricate way they folded and flipped the flag. It was difficult to pick what shot I was going to use because all of them turned out to be so unique. The creative device I used was balancing elements.

UW’s ROTC performs a flag ceremony during half-time

This last photo was taken at the start of the fourth quarter. The Pokes had finally gotten their lead back and the crowd was very excited to see what would happen next. The energy of everyone around was contagious, and at times it was difficult to see capture a shot because no one could stand still at this point. I used leading lines and color for this photo.

The crowd starts cheering as the fourth quarter starts



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