The comedian Adam Devine has recently journeyed to the University of Wyoming to share his relatable stories and college humor that really elicited a positive response. UW often hosts comedians and singers for their large scale events planned by the student led organizations 7220 Entertainment.

The Overall Experience

Thanks to campus activity centers such as 7220 Entertainment, students are able to experience comedians, panels and other forms of fun that normally wouldn’t step foot into this state. Danielle Smith, Head Coordinator, of large scale events expressed that there is no market quite as unique as Wyoming’s.

The show was held in the Arts and Sciences auditorium on campus, and the night boasted a full house. This auditorium is where most of the school related events take place. X Ambassadors has graced this stage as well as Iron and Wine.

The Adam Devine comedian show had an amazing turnout. The audience never stopped laughing. People like Adam Devine instantly connect with the audience. By accessing the Wyoming Union Facebook page, students can see photos and updates on past and future events.

Photo by Wyoming Union Facebook page

Their unique brand of comedy related to the entire crowd and the feedback was amazing. Many know Adam Devine from his role in the show “Workaholics” and the “Pitch Perfect” movies. The opening act was Adam Ray, not largely known, preceded Devine made an excellent opening act and the audience was impressed by his hilarious stories.

“I thought the show was amazing and very interactive, they asked the crowed questions, they made it feel personal and not as if it were a rehearsed skit. My favorite part was the opening act, Adam, when he was making fun of the rap group in town,” says UW Student Chloe Muller.

When in Laramie

Laramie is considered to be one of the best small college towns in the United States and with everything that is available here, it is not surprising. Wyoming itself has a much smaller demographic; the culture here is a little less flashy than others such as California’s or New York’s.

The University of Wyoming has a particular draw that brings in people from all over the world. Nowhere else in Wyoming provides this many opportunities to experience entertainment on such different platforms.

Students are able to keep track of what activities that are occurring on campus by checking into the campus activates section of the school’s website.

Photo by Wyoming Union Facebook page

Some of the more popular acts that have come to town range from Jason Darulo to blue grass group Trampled by Turtles. Students are always excited to see what is in store for them each week.

“I think (7220 and its events) have benefited Laramie because so many people in the community are able to see amazing shows without having to travel,” says 7220 Entertainment member of 3 years Shaylynn Levada.

Behind the Scenes

Getting a professional organizational group to step into Wyoming, is difficult because of the small populace of the state. a very small market, is no walk in the park. There is quite a process to get them here. The event coordinators have to jump through numerous hoops to land an act.

The group 7220 Entertainment being recently founded is a new branch to the Campus Activities Center, one that tries to involve all students who want to try it out. It is a perfect way to experience marketing and have a fun extracurricular activity.

Danielle talked of how 7220 has to check if the acts have a member base and if they are possibly in the region during the duration of the event. They then contact the agents, agree on a fee and then follow through with the scheduling process.

It isn’t just work and no play for the members of 7220, they get to meet the performers and receive signed posters. It is also just a fun experience for all of them as they get to meet new people and build memories with each other

“Being able to work with such a great group of students and advisers is the best part of 7220. We help each other and provide skills we would not have,” Smith quoted.

It is very important to provide students an entertainment outlet other than education during the school year. UW has a number of activities to do, but the fact that they give a small community a chance to experience diverse acts has got to be one of the biggest perks for these students. It is amazing to see that the entire laramie population can attend these large scale events.

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